Hair and Scalp Therapy

Lets face it, we all want to hold on for as long as we can to the thick, full-looking hair that makes us feel young and handsome.

Bruce Wllis may be able to pull it off, but in reality,  for most men, noticeably thinning hair is a problem,

Researches have identified these six as major causes of thinnning hair.

GENETICS: A genetic pre-disposition of hormonal balances and imbalances, as well as the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), can be inherited from either your mother's or father's side of the family.

STRESS & TRAUMA: Stress can produce increaes levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT.

NUTRITION & DIET: Rapid weight loss, liquid protein diets and high consumption of foods that are over processed, low in nutrition and high in animal fats can negatively effect the body's level of amino acids and vitamin assimilation resulting in thinning hair.

HEALTH: Malfunctions of the thyroid gland, which cause hyperthyroid  and hypothyroid disease is the only known health-related causes of thinning hair.

MEDICATIONS: The hair follicle is sensitive to internal and external changes, therefore, the side effects to taking certain medications can greatly effect the look of your hair.

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS: Many experts contribute the mounting problem of environmental pollutants and estrogen mimics to be a cause of the increase in men experiencing noticeably thinning hair.


EXCESSIVE BODY BUILDING: This can cause a peak in testosterone levels, therefore the opportunity for increased levels of DHT.

STEROID USE: These artifical hormones can cause a hormonal imbalance.

CHEAPS PRODUCTS: Hair products containing sticky animal proteinsm polymers and plastic resins can build up on the scalp weaken the grown hair and block the production of healthy hair coming through.


High Frequency Hair & Scalp Therapy!
PRICE: $50

High Frequency hair and scalp therapy is a techinique used to improve hair health without any pain to you!
The technique involves the use of High Frequency infrared rays and ultraviolet rays administered through a glass comb that is attached to the frequency unit and combed through the hair
It provides the following benefits:

Revitalises Hairs:
High Frequency improves the blood circulation in hairs which leads to the supply of sufficient quantity of nutrients to the hair. This helps in recitalising the hairs. The frequent oscillation help improve the scalp health and the overall health of the hair and the hair follocle gets enhanced.

Manages Thinnning Hair:
Thinning hairs are a common problme in people with unhealthy hairs. High Freqency, by providing iptimum blood supply and the accompanying nutrients, helps to manage the thinning hair so that they don't get worse.

New Cell Generation:
High Frequency helps to generate new cells and lso exfoliates the older cells. This technique significantly improves cellular turnover.

Prevents Dandruff and Itchy Scalp:
High Frequency improves the symptoms of itch scal and also prevents dandruff. This is due to the fact that the High Frequency stimulates the scalp and the sebaceous glands are activated. This results in the production of an optimum amount of sebum which helps in reducing the symptom of itchy scalp. The High Frequency device also generates heat that helps kill various bacteria and other pathogens that cause itching.

Reduces Hair Fall:
High Frequency improves penetration by removing the layer of dead cells from the scalp. The oil massage will move directly into the hair follocles abd making them strong. This would help in preventing the hair fall. Futher, due to High Freqency, blood supply improves leading to more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle. Through increased blood circulation, the toxins and effectively eliminated.

Imropves Hair Growth:
High Frequency improves hair growth through various different mechanisims. First, it stimulates the hair folicle thereby the growth of new hairs. Second, it improves blood circulation and provides sufficient nutrition to the growing hairs. Third, it induces the syntheses of growth factors required for hair growth such as keratinocyte growth factor. Studies have shown upregulation of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 after exposure to High Frequency currents. This Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 significntly induces the growth of the hair follicle.

Improves Secretions:
High Frequency improves the secretions of sebaceous glands. Sebum is important for making hair healthy and shiny. It will help in rejuvenating the condition of the scalp.

Soothes Mentally:
Stress is one of the main reasons for hair loss. I,mproved blood ciculation due to exposure to High Frequency has a soothing effect on the head. You feel relaxed both mentally and physically.

This treatment is not for anyone with autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis. People with a pacemaker, large metallic implants, pregnant and high blood pressure should consult with their physician prior to undertaking this treatment.

Duration: 20min