Botox & Fillers


Fine lines and wrinkles are treated by using an anti-wrinkle injection known as Botulinum Toxin A - a purified protein extracted from bacteria. The anti-wrinkle injections relax the underlying muscles and stops them from contracting, which will put an end to the constant creasing of the overlaying skin, which makes us look wrinkled.

We can treat:

  • Forehead Lines
  • Frown Lines
  • Crows Feet
  • Bunny Lines
  • Upper Lip Wrinkles
  • Excessive Sweating

The procedure is very quick and uses the smallest of needles. There is minimal discomfort and no downtime. The effects will begin to take place in 2-3 days, with the full effect at the 14 day mark.

Treatments vary between individuals, however this treatment should last you approximately 3-4 months.


Dermal fillers are all about creating facial volume.
Facial volume loss is due to reabsorption of bone, degeneration of fat pads and the depletion of subcutaneous tissue. Generally this occurs in the lower two thirds of the face and dermal filler is an appropriate choice of treatment in treating these deep static line and folds.

.We can treat:

  • Puppet Lines - the pronounced crease that runs from the corners of the mouth to down along the chin
  • Smile Creases - the curved vertical lines that form outside the corners of your mouth when you smile
  • Nasolabial Creases - the skin folds that run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth
    Dark Circles under the eyes
  • Deflated Cheeks
  • Cheek Flattening
  • Cheek Enhancement
  • Lip Thinning - plump up lips that suffer atrophy

These treatments are undertaken by Samantha of Beau-Tox-Bar. Please call us and we can arrange a phone consultation with her.