IV Therapy

Are you ready to feel energised and raring to go? We are excited to be bring you IV Therapy. 
IV Therapy is an effective way to get a high dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream.

Nutrients are rapidly infused into the circulatory system and are delivered directly into the cellular space without having to go through the digestive tract.

Many people notice superior immunity, increased energy and enhanced detoxification from the improvement in cellular health. When cellular health is supported, the body is able to effectively utilize the nutrients supporting the major bodily systems.

IV nutrient therapy also provides higher therapeutic doses, when compared to oral supplementation. This method of administration can be life changing for patients with digestive issues or malabsorption, such as in Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IV nutrient therapy is a successful form of treatment for a wide array of health conditions; especially those associated with inflammation, poor immunity, leaky gut or food sensitivities.

 Benefits of IV Therapy

  1. Guaranteed vitamin absorption. Some medications and medical issues can interrupt your body's ability to properly absorb the nutrients it needs to function correctly. 
  2. Boost your energy 
  3. Instant rehydration. 
  4. Fast treatment times. 
  5. Customised treatments. 
  6. Reduced reliance on pills. 
  7. Ideal preventive therapy. 
  8. Immediate results.

How does it work?
Intraveneous vitamin infusions, like the name suggests, are given as an intraveneous fluid directly into the vein.

How long does it take?
An infusion can take as little as 30 minus and up to 80 minutes, depending on the type of infusion. An IM (intramuscular) infusion takes less than one minute to administer.

How often can I have an infusion?
Before your initial infusion, an extensive medical history is takem and you will be assessed by a doctor to determine if this treatment is suitable for you. All potential risks and side effects, even though minimal, will also be discussed in this intial consultation.

Your vitiamin infusion "script" following your initial consulatation with the doctor will last six months, meaning you only need to the the doctor once every six months to review your treatment plan. Visits during the six months will be for your infusion or booster shots only.

Every treatment plan is different and customised to you. There are no set rules for the number of infusions you can have, this will  be determine by the doctor during your initial comnsultation and then discussed with you to work out the best treatment plan  for you based on your symptoms, lifestyle and budget.

Here is what we have to offer:

This drip contains hydrating electrolytes and may help those symptoms associatd with dehydration. If you're feeling a little dried and fried, this infusion may have you feeling fresher and ready to take on the worls. Suitable for most, especially those who are dehydtared dure to streneous exercise, post gastro, vomiting, diarrhoea, morning sickness, a hangover or if you just can't get enough fluid in during your busy day.

MEGA IV $350
This is the works! 
Are you buring the candle at both ends? Long work days, regular travel and frequent partying will put a strain on your body and your mind. You may even start showing signs of premature ageing. If you're constantkly on the go and don't have time to stop, then this IV infusion is the one for you.
This super charged IV infusion contains a combination of high dose vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that may help reduce inflammation and detox your  body of toxins caused by chronic stressors of life, potentially leaving you with a new spring in your step and a clear mind!

Immunity infusion contains high doses of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that may help fortify and improve your immune system against external stressors and illness. This may be achieved by reducing oxidative stress, improving cell energy and providing immune strengthening micronutrients to your cells.

DETOX $189
This infusion is loaded with the strongest intarvenous antioxidants. Great for potentially assisting the liver in detoxifying against free radicals, impurities and for rejuvention of your hair, skin, nails and body in general.

This combination of intraveneous antioxidants may help lessen the number of melanocytes (dark skin cells) in the body and may also assist repair of collegen in the skin. This has been shown to lead to an improvement in the tone, texture and overall health of your skin. The lightening infusion may also assist with malasma, pigmentation issues, dark caccination scars and may assist in restoring skin quality. 

For the atglete, body builder and exercise enthusiast. This infusion may help replensih what your body naturally loses through strenuous exercise and keep it functioning at it's peak. Whether you are training for a marathon or just need to be limber for yoga - recharge your system for maxium energy and productivity.