Waxing & Clippering

At Mens Body Works we take our waxing services very seriously. The most imporant feature of this treatment is to minimise your discomfort and to ensure that post-wax care is maintained.

In a bid to achieve this, we only use high-grade natural wax and as our waxing therapists are very experienced in all areas of waxing, they will also educate you on how to look after your newly-waxed body.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information specific to your needs.


Arms (Full) $55
Arms (Half Upper) $34
Arms (Half Lower including hands) $40
Back $39
Back & Shoulder $49
Buttock Cheeks & Crest $55
Buttock Cheeks only $38
Buttock Crest only $35
Chest $39
Chest & Stomach $49
Ears $15
Ears, Nose & Brows $50
Eyebrow $29
Patches ie: hands, feet, face $13
Full Body (Arms, Legs, Underarms, Chest & Stomach, Back & Shoulders) $251
Full Body with YY Front $347
Legs (Full) $75
Legs (Half) $50
Nose (Inner & Outer) $23
Shoulders (includes neck) $34
Stomach (includes snail trail) $38
Speedo Line $25
Underarms $23
Welcome Mat $15
Y-Front-Frontal genital area $76
YY-Front- Front to Back including butt cheeks and crest $96

Guard means with a numbered guard 1-4

No guard means zero

Arms no guard $25 with guard $22
Arm Half Lower and Hands no guard $15 with guard $13
Back & Shoulders no guard $25 with guard $22
Chest & Stomach no guard $25 with guard $22
Underarms $10
Full Body (excluding Y-Front ) no guard $130 with guard $115
Legs no guard $45 with guard $42
Buttocks (including inner crest) no guard $35 with guard $33
YY-Front-Front to Back including butt cheeks and crest no guard $55 with guard $52