Massage & Wellness

Boost your immume system. Soothe muscular aches Improve circulation. Promote muscle definition. Improve skin tone. Eliminate toxins. 

Anti Stress Express Massage 15min $35
This is an express massage with focus on stress related tension in the neck, scalp and shoulder area.

Back Body Massage  20min $45 30min $75 45min $95 60min $115
Specific focus on the upper and lower back. It is aimed at relieving muscular tension as well as soreness and fatigue.
Duration : 20, 30,45 or 60mins

Relaxation 20min $45 30min $75 45min $95 60min $115 90min $165
Whether you like it soft, medium or firm, the pressure is up to you. With all natural aromatherapy oils used, this massage is tailored to suit your needs but the final outcome will be of total relaxtion.

Trigger Point 20min $45 30min $75 45min $95 60min $115
This technique combines Deep Tissue massage with that of applying pressure trigger points within tight muscles in a bid to relieve pain and dysfunction at the trigger site or surrounding muscles

Deep Tissue 20min $45 30min $75 45min $95 60min $115
Ideal for people suffereing injuries and strains caused by sporting activities and hard manual labour. Designed for relaxation and the relief of muscular and postural conditions.

Sports 20min $45 30min $75 45min $95 60min $115
Combines different massage techniques to enhance sports performance and recuperation. An effective component of any training program. Sports massage can also consists of stretches before, during and after the treatment.

Cupping & Massage $60min $115