Water Treatments

Stimulate circulation.Soothe muscles. Improve skin elasticity. Increase metabolism. Improve digestion. Help skin conditions. Overcome anxiety and tension. 

We are proud to bring you the best in water treatments, making us the leaders in day spa treatments!

Hydro Spa $85
A 144 jet spa that will leave you sighing with relief! Read more in the sub section.

Float Tank
30 mins $70
45 mins $85
60 mins $95
90 min $165

The ultimate sensory deprivation experience! Read more in the sub section.

Vichy Shower Body Scrub 
15 min $30
30 min $70

A full body exfoliation using dead sea salt.  It is designed to remove dead skin cells and improve body texture, leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. Read more in the sub section.

Vichy Shower Mud Wrap$80

This complete body experience begins with mud being applied to the whole body. You are then wrapped in a cocoon and spoilt with a facial massage while the mud works it's magic. This is a perfect body toner as it trims off inches through the elimination of toxins.